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Great Dane

Great Dane dog
Great Dane puppy
Great Dane dog
Funny Great Dane
Great Dane puppies

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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

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Still a great distance from the Falls, and we already see the mist and hear the roar of its waters that are falling the gap.
The Niagara Falls limit the border among the U.S. and Canada within the Great Lakes. The American Falls is 985 feet wide and a fall of 61 meters, the Canadian has three times wide.

However, the Niagara River, which feeds the falls, is one of the shortest in the world, has only a length of 25 miles among Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, but so many waterfalls. Most of all, that which is known around the world, and through which 90% of the water, was called Horseshoe Falls (the Horseshoe Fall) and is 792 meters wide.

What to see in Niagara Falls

There is much to do when you are in Niagara Falls. For me, the program is the most exciting boat ride on the steam, the Maid of the Mist, which sails on the lake formed at the base of the waterfall, and comes to a place very close to falling water - the noise falling water is such that any conversation becomes impossible.
This is a ride that existed for 150 years. To avoid that gets wet, the organization makes available to visitors raincoats, which is included in the ticket price and can keep for souvenirs
Also very interesting is the possibility to see the waterfalls up close. There is a tunnel that opens to a cave with a kind of balcony in the middle of the sheet of falling water. We are just a few meter of water - of course, that would be completely wet if the organizers do not give visitors a rain hood.

Between the traditional programs for visitors, one of the most popular is to go up in one of observation towers, built in strategically chosen locations, to allow a full view of the entire area. The most famous of all is the Skylon Tower, with almost 300 meters high, panoramic elevators and revolving restaurant on top, which runs all around the tower and providing an overall view of the city of Niagara, Buffalo and the United States to Toronto. It was inaugurated in 1965.

The Table Rock lookout point also allows visitors to get close to the base of the falls, and another alternative is to feel the full power of the waters. As always do not forget to wear a raincoat, as it is very wet! Who does not have vertigo, can participate in a walking type lift suspended by cables, the Spanish Aero Car, which crosses the falls Whirlpool. There are even helicopter rides.
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